Welcome to zhufang.com, Resource of Chinese Real Estate. "zhufang" is the Chinese spelling (Pinyin) of Chinese word "住房" which means "housing". zhufang.com was established by overseas Chinese Professionals who, educated in China and U.S.A., value both the Chinese tradition and the new technologies in the 21st century. The goal of zhufang.com is to provide a comprehensive, easy to use, and efficient Real Estate Information Exchange Platform for home sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, developers, property managers, real estate brokers and agents, etc. Since its inception in 2002, zhufang.com has attracted hundreds and thousands of people in China to exchange residential and commercial property information on its web site.

zhufang.com currently covers over 10,800 distinctive cities, counties, districts, townships, and small localities in China, maintains a list of over a thousand real estate related web sites. Its property database is growing and updated everyday.

zhufang.com welcomes banks, institutions, venture capital firms, public or private companies, and individuals to invest in our company, to tap into the growing Chinese Housing Market. To discuss investment opportunities, please email us your name, telephone number, and brief description of your entity to vc at zhufang dot com.

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